Brickwater Bottom

Brickwater Bottom Setting

“Welcome to Our Town!”

Brickwater Bottom is a small farming village of a few hundred inhabitants located in the Duchy of Nyfland. Primarily human, there are a handful of halfling orchard-keepers, a couple of dwarven blacksmiths and an elfish deputy. Most everyone lives here peacefully, except for the occasional young pumpkin-thief or friendly dispute over the price of chickens. As the local inhabitants like to say, “Welcome to Our Town!”

The lands of Nyfland are quiet, rolling hills perfectly suitable for farmlands. It exports to all of the nearby lands and to the greater kingdom of Lymaria. The Brickwater river flows slowly to the south with the village of Brickwater Bottom being located on one of the larger bends.

Notable Inhabitants
The town is run by the mayor, Moffin Gourdbucket. His sheriff is Orthun Flaning who has one deputy, the elf Eltherion Brightblade, a known drunk whose weekly revelries are famous down at the Rusty Horseshoe.

Dark Rumors
Bards often sing of the kobold raid that occurred two years ago. It was sufficiently quashed when the townsfolk gathered together in a mob and burnt the kobold den in the forest to the south to the ground, except the escape tunnels that no one would enter. Children have heard strange sounds coming from the old alchemist’s manse atop Twisted Tree hill. There’s also rumor of ghosts and other nocturnal creeps in the old graveyard across the river.

Brickwater Bottom

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